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Race Entry Categories:

  • Female 40+

  • Female Under 40

  • Male 40+

  • Male Under 40

  • Team (Can be all male, all female, or co-ed. Can be 2 or 3 people to a team.)

Race Registration:   

  • If you don't register by May 1, you aren't guaranteed a race T-shirt. We order extras, so you might get lucky.

  • We will announce dates and times for early race packet & T-shirt pick-up. Watch our social media or check back here.

  • If you are part of a team, one person can pick up the packet and T-shirts for the whole team.

  • A paper copy of the Participant Accident Waiver & Release of Liability, which you acknowledged online, will be at registration for your signature.  Teams can pick up the paper forms for their teammates on Friday and return them Saturday morning prior to the race.

Race Day Information:

  • Your racing bib and 2 small stickers with the same bib number will be in your race packet.  The 2 small stickers are to mark your bike and kayak.  

  • When you arrive on race day, you can first drop off your kayaks by Marina 1.  There will be a corral set up for kayaks.  Please check in with the volunteer (orange T-shirt) staffing the corral.

  • Next, head to Moore Park and drop off your bike in the corral by the start line.  It is also staffed by a volunteer.

  • Maps will be posted by the Kayak corral as well as the main race area.

  • Lakeshore Drive will remain open to traffic all day, but we will have traffic volunteers stopping traffic to allow racers to safely cross between Moore Park and the Marina. But please use caution.

  • Bibs must be worn on your chest or your right leg.

  • At segment checkpoints, be prepared to call out your number if needed.

  • Please note:  When you're done racing, only racers with a matching bib number will be allowed into the corrals to pick up equipment. 

  • After dropping off your equipment, please park down in the Marina Parking Lot if possible.

Paddle Segment Rules:

  • You can choose your watercraft as long as it is solely propelled and operated by one person using one paddle. No other propulsion allowed. 

  • There are volunteers to help you with your watercraft as needed, but all racers are expected to participate in placing their watercraft in the water and also in the stowing of the watercraft prior to starting the next leg of the race.  (Team participants must stow the watercraft prior to tagging the next team member for the run.)

  • Paddle segment racers must return to the finish line at Moore Park after exiting the water to get your split time and start the run portion of the race.

  • Wearing a flotation device on the water is STRONLGY recommended. 

  • There will be boats in the water to help participants who need emergency assistance during the race.

  • In Oregon, all resident and out-of-state paddlecraft 10 feet and longer must have an Aquatic Invasive Species Permit. Learn more.

  • Don't have a kayak? Rentals are available from The Ledge 541.882.5586 or Crater Lake ZiplineBook online or call 541.892.9477

  • See Paddle Route.

Bike Segment Info:

  • Wearing bike helmets is STRONGLY recommended. Route includes pavement as well as uneven and narrow trails with loose gravel, dirt, rocks and tree roots.

  • For the portion of the route on Lakeshore Drive, you can ride on the road with traffic.  For the final lap to approach the finish line you will be going against traffic, please stay off the road and take the path.  

  • Please walk your bike into the bike corral and stow your bike prior to starting the next leg of the race.  (Teams - walk and stow your bike prior to tagging your partner for the next leg of the race.) 

  • There are 2 checkpoints during this leg of the race.

  • See Bike Route

Run Segment Info:

  • Please keep the race fun by staying on the course.

  • There will be 1 checkpoint for this leg of the race.  Please be prepared to call out your number as needed.

  • There will be a water station during this portion of the race.

  • See Run Route.


Volunteers wearing orange shirts will be stationed throughout the race routes to give directions and cheer you on.

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